Jusala Ranch

JUSALA RANCH - It’s a lifestyle

Our lifestyle. At a real ranch in a real Suomusjärvi- village in southern Finland (just about 80km west from Helsinki-capital). We wanted to ditch the city-life and move to the countryside for a simpler life. To be part of the beautiful nature and to share our life with animals. And enjoying every moment of it.  We also wanted to combine our love for arts and crafts to our country life and in the same time contribute to a more sustainable life. We want to tell our story via sustainable products, which arise from our lifestyle. Hope you like them. And if you want to experience our lifestyle, please follow it online, or even visit us.

 Jusala’s croft is the heart of our ranch. We are breeding highland cattle, which represents ethical ranching for us. Our cattle is roaming freely under the sun on large fields. They live natural life and contribute sustainability by taking care of the enviroment by grasing. They tidy up the edges of the lakes and eat natural grass on fields. And therefore provide excellent natural beef. And as any other ranches, we have many other animals: horser, sheep and others. Which you have met in our products. And at Jusala’s villa we can relax in a traditional finnish way. Just chilling out next to the lake enjoying the beatiful nature around us. And the sauna. And enjoy the wonderful nature around. Maybe you also would like to viist us?